Friday, 13 March 2015

Mother's Day present idea: Mini Scrapbooks

I've been dying to get some scrapbooking on here, but with my crafting stash stuck in South Africa, living in Zambia AND currently blogging from land of reliable internet (England!) it hasn't been easy! With Mother's Day fast approaching I thought it would be a good time to share some mini books I've made for some special mothers in my life; my mum, my "mom" in-law, as well as my sister and my sister in law, who both have very young boys and so are new to being on the receiving side.

These are mini books using 4" x 4" pieces of chipboard, held together with book rings, decorated with scrapbook paper, mini pockets, and lots of embellishments from my stash!  I first made the books, and then managed to find a Kodak kiosk and pressed the option for "wallet" prints, which are the perfect size (2" x 3") as I made most of the mats (spaces for the photos) 3" x 3". I found the wallet size fitted the best as it left space for either captions of the photos or journalling - the all important personal touch! Every page has either a tag hidden behind the photo mat, flaps or a pull out mat, to fit in even more memories. To finish them off I added a little charm or bead to hang from the book ring, and ta da, a thoughtful personal keepsake for mums to treasure forever!

My sisters mini book: BEFORE

My sisters mini book AFTER

My sister's mini book was actually my favorite to make - lots of bright colours and fun embellishments. A coordinating set of papers and push out shapes from Paperartzi in Mossel Bay in South Africa. A few of the ribbons used were from my wedding! (always good to recycle meaningful items!). Finished off with a little metal butterfly that just brought the theme together.

My mums mini book - BEFORE

My mums mini book - AFTER

My mum's mini book was constructed from a number of ranges in my scrapbook stash. A number of the items (most papers, paper flowers and buttons) were from the Do Crafts range that are currently stocked in Wilkinsons (England). I also used some old lace material from my mother in-laws craft room (a room which she kindly let me dream was mine for a while!). This book was finished off with a little pearl bead also donated from my mother in-law!

My sister in laws scrapbook - AFTER!

Sadly for this one I did not take any before photos (stupid I know!) but this one for my sister in-law really took some time. Blood, sweat and tears literally went into the front and back covers, as I am not a dab hand at sewing and nearly every part of the stitched heart injured me in some way! This book was also created with a number of items that have been in my stash for years, so not entirely sure on manufactures - but Bazzill Basics for the beautiful textured orange and yellow card used on most of the pages. Patterned paper again from sets of Do Crafts papers from Wilkinsons. Gorgeous "Sew love you" ribbon purchased from Yandles in Martock (England).

My mom in-laws mini book

Last but not least my Mom in-law's mini book: I actually made this one first and gave it to her first and did not cross my mind to photograph - after or before (again, stupid I know!). So all I seem to have is a lonely picture of the front cover. This was very traditional floral patterned paper from my stash - lots of pinks, deep maroon colours with a hint of green. Lots of paper flowers and ribbons (also from Wilkinstons), and finished with a pearl bead. My mother in-law also taught me how to sew for my sister in-laws mini book (and also made me throw it away and start again when I sewed it wonky!) As disheartened as I was at the time, I think it was worth it!

What a beautiful setting for scrapbooking! My husbands family farm in Victoria Wes, South Africa.

The trick with these mini books is not to get weighed down in planning (which is always my downfall with full sized scrapbooks). Just make the pages that fit well with paper/cardstock that you have got, then print some wallet pictures and see how they fit! I recommend Google for finding those perfect quotes to say the things that you can't quite find the right words for. 

Hope this has inspired you somewhat and please let me know if anyone has taken on any similar projects for Mother's Day and has any tips or tricks about Mini Books to share!

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